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5 Superb Calls to Action and Why They Work

A CTA is your last attempt to get a visitor to engage with your business.

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A CTA is your last attempt to get a visitor to engage with your business.

A Call to Action tells visitors on your website or social media what their next step should be, and so should be succinct, engaging, and with a clear focus.

Do you want them to buy something? Do you want them to sign up for a free trial? Do you want their email address?

At Big Reach Marketing, we understand that a CTA is just as important as all the copy before it. Your content might be SEO-rich, and you might be getting lots of visitors, but without a superb CTA, visitors may never become customers.

Here are 5 excellent CTAs and why they work so well:

1. My Perfect Resume – ‘Create My Resume’

This business uses a library of pre-written CVs to create a unique CV for a customer to download and use. The CTA, ‘Create My Resume’ is an extremely tempting offer for people who lack the time or motivation to write a CV for themselves. The business knows exactly who its customers are and knows that a ‘Get in Contact’ approach is too long-winded for anyone looking for their services.

2. ShortStack – ‘Like Us’

Looking to generate more likes on social media? ShortStack were, and they realised that utilising every space and opportunity on their Facebook page was key. This image was made their cover photo and acts as a constant CTA, always there to prompt a visitor to ‘like’ the page. Given that their page has over 75,000 likes, this CTA is worth paying attention to.

3. 280 Slides –‘Try It Now, Free!’

A huge button extending across the website immediately draws attention to any potential customer. But in addition to this, the words ‘Try It Now, Free!’ suggest to the customer a no risk transaction, where they benefit entirely from clicking the button. Another reason this stands out as a superb CTA is the order of the words; ‘free’ is the last word, it lingers in the mind long after you read it.

4.Netflix – ‘Join Free for a Month’

All copy here adds another reason why you should engage with the CTA.
‘See what’s next’ = ‘You wouldn’t want to miss out’
‘Watch anywhere’ = ‘This product is so convenient’
‘Cancel anytime’ = ‘no risk involved’
‘Join Free for a Month’ = ‘it won’t cost you a penny’
Netflix know that the service they provide is engaging and rewarding enough that getting someone to join for a month is enough to quite often turn them into a paying customer.

5.Spotify – ‘Get Spotify Free’

Two CTAs – one is more engaging and produces more paying customers long-term, the other leads to the paid version of the product. Spotify’s goal is clear, to get every customer paying for the service, but they know that customers who try the free version stay longer and spend more money. Here you can see how they push the free version more than the paid version.

If you have been inspired to update your Calls to Action and don't know where to start, get in contact with us and see how we can change the fortune of your business.

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