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A Day In The Life Of A Marketing Assistant

Digital marketing is a rapidly changing world so businesses need to have an online presence to be found and stay relevant.

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Digital marketing is a rapidly changing world. As technology has developed over the past few decades, businesses have increasingly needed to have an online presence to be found and stay relevant. Whether this is through keeping their website updated with new content, building their brand and following through various social media platforms or increasing their website traffic through search engine optimisation (SEO) or pay per click advertising, if a company cannot be found easily online, customers are less likely to engage and trust the products or services.

Marketing Assistant Challanges

Every day is full of challenges and unexpected tasks that force me to step out of my comfort zone and learn something new. I am constantly planning, creating and striving to achieve the best for our clients. But that's exactly what Digital Marketing is all about; it's changing every day! It may sound complicated and stressful, but in reality, it provides a great deal of pleasure and an even greater desire to improve my skills. That's how I feel every working day!

I’m not exactly an early bird, so I can’t imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast that can make me a little bit more of a morning person. But let me tell you a secret, I think delicious coffee and breakfast are the guarantee of daily success! Of course, when I’m fully awake.

Work Planning And To-Do Lists

I am very happy with my role within Big Reach, because I can plan my time and tasks every day and they are usually very different. But the first thing I do when I start work is check my emails, which I’ve only just realised has become a habit!

After that, I make a To-Do List for the day or sometimes for the whole week, so I can keep on top of everything that needs to be done and so I don’t forget anything important.

Website Updates And SEO

Because I’m a digital marketing assistant, every day I am assisting the team, helping with various tasks such as writing blogs, content creation, or website improvements. I am always ready to help the team and continue learning all aspects of digital marketing.
A very important task for our clients is keeping their website updated and making improvements such as adding new blog posts or editing the existing ones, tracking keywords and checking for any possible ways to enhance the SEO through the metadata and better copywriting. Something else I have been learning more about is Google Ads. This is a vital way for many of our clients to reach their target audience and increase sales by sending promising leads to their website, so to help the team with this I conduct keyword research and competitor analysis.


Less than a month after starting at Big Reach, lockdown happened and we all had to work from home. I was pleased to find that, not only was I able to adapt quickly to the change and keep productivity up, I became more creative. Maybe because my cat is always purring on my legs, or on the table, or the keyboard…

So I‘ve tried a new activity - photography. I’ve started taking pictures of clients’ products, and I am enjoying it, not only because I can express myself, but it provides a great opportunity for Big Reach to create different, unique, and personal content for our customers.

Social Media And Content Creation

Speaking about content creation, I love creating eye-catching posts on social media. It includes finding the best images to use, thinking of captions to write under, scheduling posts at optimum times and researching the best hashtags to be used for each particular industry or each post to reach the target audience.

Blog Writing

Another challenge that I faced when I started working here is blogging. I haven’t had to write so much before and on a variety of topics! I would never have expected to be writing about wedding dresses one day and plumbing and drainage the next! What I like about blogging is that I have to research the particular topic before starting the blog, so it is up to date, relevant and interesting. This also involves finding the right images to enhance the blog, improve its flow, add humor if needed, and help to explain the topic. I learn so many new things while conducting research about things that I’ve never thought of before.

Personal Development

The huge variety of sectors of our clients has allowed me to become a more versatile person and employee. I couldn’t imagine myself doing a monotonous job! Apart from what I do during working hours, I try to improve my skills and broaden my knowledge in my own time by listening to various podcasts, reading articles and news related to digital marketing.

There are so many ways to improve, you just need to be curious!

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