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There’s only so much work you can do on your own website. To truly maximise SEO, you may need assistance from other, more authoritative websites. They could be the ideal platform to create backlinks, which are seen as perhaps one the most essential aspects behind cracking the Google algorithm. It takes time and persistence, but when executed well, this could significantly boost your online exposure to unprecedented levels.

How Does a Backlink Work?

Finding ways to earn Google’s trust is the main objective for SEO professionals. It’s tricky for newcomers, so take advantage of existing sites which have done the hard work already. If you’re able to get links onto more established sites, Google will identify this as a positive vote in your favour, therefore increasing your credibility. The more links you get, the more domain authority, and subsequent traffic from a likely rise on the search listings.

How Can I Generate Backlinks?

Certain backlinks can be easily created without the need for external support, namely directory listings for example. Just sign up to things like Yelp or Google My Business, and that’s it, you’ve got yourself some backlinks. For more advanced back linking, consider guest blogging, something which requires a little more time and skill. Getting a fresh piece of original content published onto another site with backlinks is absolute gold dust, and of course, if your content has been crafted to exceptional standards and placed on highly regarded sites, you’re laying the foundations for a huge surge in SEO credentials.

How Many Backlinks Do I Need to Rank?

The quantity and quality of backlinks you require will largely come down to the competitiveness associated with your industry. If you work in a niche sector, you probably won’t even need backlinks, but for anyone working in property, finance or leisure, you may need to spend quite a sizable amount of your marketing budget getting this right.

You can easily check websites which may be suitable in terms of their relevance, estimated traffic and domain authority. From there, decide which ones to approach, knowing more will be needed if you struggle to find sites which are SEO savvy. For example, just one backlink from will be all that's needed given its domain authority of 100.

What is Meant by Black Hat SEO?

Even since Google changed the landscape, people are still looking for ways to manipulate the search listings by violating their guidelines. This will be done through ‘black hat’ techniques, and lots of this pertains to backlink building. Across the internet, things such as linking farms aim to generate lots of links but in a hugely spammy way. Some companies also offer packages in which links can be bought. In either case, definitely avoid this, and instead hire marketing agencies to implement correct SEO which is considered natural.

Boost Your SEO With Big Reach

Have you exhausted on-page SEO? We can help! If you have a list of potential websites who would be willing to provide backlinks, then our copywriting services in Hertfordshire will handle the rest. This means regular guest blogging and the potential for loads of backlinks firing straight into your website every month. For more information, get in contact with us here.

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