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How Do You Create a Marketing Avatar?

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With a thorough understanding of your target audience, you’ll be able to deliver meaningful marketing campaigns which garner lots of brand reputation and ultimately, greater levels of sales and enquiries. But how do you get there? You create granular profiles of your preferred audience of course! Creating marketing avatars is a must for serious marketing campaigns, otherwise you’ll keep firing blanks. 

What is a Marketing Avatar?

Here’s your chance to truly define the most suitable target audience. The more granular you go, the more likely you are to create marketing strategies which deliver the desired results. So, think about common buying habits, personality traits and general demeanour, since all these contribute towards the ideal avatar for your business type.

It’s a great starting point for things like PPC, where you do need to acknowledge stereotypes. Applying these avatars to a campaign will get the ball rolling, and from there, alterations can be made based on fresh data you’ve discovered over a certain period of time.

How Do You Create Effective Marketing Avatars?

Everything needs to be both accurate and relevant. It can be tricky drilling down tons of data, so be very selective about what is most important, placing this at the heart of each avatar. These avatars are to help enforce marketing strategies, so they need to be useful above all else. Really get into the essence of what each entails, as even the most obscure details could prove hugely beneficial.

To start creating a marketing avatar, you need to get a broad overview of your audience, because within this will be the specific avatars you should be targeting at the very beginning of your campaign. Open up social media, Reddit and Quora to see what people are talking about, and you can see how this audience responds to certain content.

This allows you to get into the minds of your preferred audience, with a much clearer perception of how they think. From there, marketing messages can be crafted to speak with this audience effectively, giving you a stronger and more profound presence in comparison to leading competitors.

Let’s Break Down a Avatar 

Below are the key ingredients to the perfect marketing avatar. 

Name, Age, Job & Salary 

Although it may seem unnecessary, even naming the customer can prove beneficial, as you're taking a huge step into making them feel real. This alongside their age, job and salary will give you key demographic information in which you can explore relevant pain points which are most relevant. 


Now, really elaborate on who they are using the research you’ve obtained. Who is this person exactly? What makes them happy? And what are they struggling with? This should be a broad overview of the avatar, so flesh our both quantitative and qualitative research as far as you can. 


With a clear understanding of what makes this person tick, you can craft marketing techniques to ensure they feel positive vibes from your brand. 


It’s important to sell a transformation, rather than just a product. If you understand what they hate, you can position yourself as the answer they’re looking for. 

Key Challenges: 

Be aware of their biggest challenges, as this could hinder their capacity to even engage with your marketing techniques. Perhaps they possess very strong cultural preferences that conflict with your industry? Or maybe they earn very little money? Be aware that some people face very real struggles every single day. 

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