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How To Increase Your Presence On Google

Every single company with a website wants to appear at the top of Google for their own specific keywords;

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Every single company with a website wants to appear at the top of Google for their own specific keywords; which means that competition for ranking is getting tougher and tougher. Add to this the increasing demands of customers looking for seamless user experiences and Google’s desire to provide the best experience to them, standing out on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is becoming increasingly difficult. But not impossible. 

Google decided recently that keeping a user on the SERP to satisfy a search query was a quicker and more desirable experience for the user. Long gone are the days of searching a question on Google and picking through pages and pages of websites to find the answer you’re looking for. Instead, with Google’s ‘Rich Snippets’, you can have a highly specific question answered with no need to click on any link. From a user perspective, this is a genius move, from a marketing perspective, this increases the competitiveness. 

For example, let’s pretend you’re picking someone up from the airport and have forgotten the time of arrival. All you have is the flight number, simply search this and Google will show you a rich snippet that provides you with everything you need without needing to click any further.

One simple search for ‘flight 240’ has provided information on: the airline, the departure airport, the destination airport, the gate numbers, the departure and arrival times, whether it is delayed or cancelled, and best of all you can access this information for today’s flight, tomorrow’s flight, or previous flights. 

The Importance of Rich Snippets

According to Ahrefs’ data 12.29% of search queries have featured snippets in their search results which means that those users received the information through rich snippets and didn’t need to click through to a website for further answers. In this way, Google has made the user experience very convenient. 

But what does this mean for businesses?

Simply being in position one of Google does not matter so much anymore. Where 50% of all searches on Google result in no clicks at all, businesses must create a lasting impact without the need for seeing the website. In fact, as an organic listing on the first page of Google this is what you are competing with:

27% of the page is made up or SERP features such as rich snippets
23% of the page is made up of paid advertising, search, display and shopping
50% of the page is made up of organic listings

So, if you have one organic listing at position one on the first page, you’re taking up just 5% of the page. The good news is that you could include FAQ schema into your website to enable Google to show your website copy in the ‘People Also Ask’ rich snippets. 

In this example, we wanted a very simple question answered, we Googled it, and instantly got an answer from an organic listing. However, because this site used FAQ schema, Google was able to suggest similar questions that people also typically search for. Without clicking on the website, or performing a secondary search, we can find out more information about this business and have future queries answered.

Implementing FAQ Schema

The most important thing to consider when implementing FAQ schema is to focus on the quality of the answers. Schema does not guarantee you a high position on Google, nor will it guarantee you significant results straight away. But just like SEO it is designed to be worked upon and constantly improved; Google wants to show its users the best and most accurate information possible. Despite this new trend, it is vitally important not to neglect other SEO practises. The goal is to get people onto your website and turning into leads and sales, and unfortunately you cannot do this without a good presence on SERPs for your keywords.

We recommend researching how your competitors are targeting their keywords and where they are on the SERP. If they are already showing rich snippets, you should too. But think about how you can apply it differently, perhaps they missed an important question? How are they presenting their organic listing? Can you make your meta data stand out more?

Search Engine Optimisation with Big Reach

As a leading SEO company in Hertfordshire, we’re highly skilled and very experienced in transforming the fortunes of companies through planned and staged actions on the website. We’ve developed a cyclical structure that is constantly moving forward to improve your organic rankings and build your presence on the SERP. In a process of auditing, actioning and optimising, progress is easily measurable and highly effective.

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