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How to Start a Christmas Campaign

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Christmas soon creeps up on us! This time of year is essential for many sectors such as retail and hospitality, where consumers often go wild with lavish spending. Working in what are pretty saturated industries, it’s vital you have a concrete plan in place as to how you’re going to market goods or services effectively. So, we have decided to spread some festive cheer with some helpful tips on how to plan marketing campaigns for great returns. 

Plan Well in Advance 

Planning is key with any form of marketing, but when we say plan in advance, we really do mean this! Just think about how many other eCommerce stores you’ll be competing with! You can bet your bottom dollar they’re all drafting plans as we speak, and should you distribute content too slowly, you’re handing them the catalyst needed to dominate your specific marketplace. There’s lots to consider when launching a campaign, and actually implementing the work isn’t a walk in the park either. Getting to grips with things like copywriting and social content can be a timely affair. But! We have a team obsessed with christmas marketing, so always more than happy to help! 

Get to Grips with Current Trends 

Every year, the marketing landscape changes, and 2021 has proven to be no exception. It’s always important to call upon things which are considered contemporary, even if you’re a 50-year-old man who may need to dive into the world of TikTok! You may have difficulty understanding a particular craze, but lots of your customers could well be using such platforms to engage and interact with major brands. When searching for products, lots of people now use voice search, so definitely optimise content for this. And it really does go without saying how only mobile friendly web design will prove effective when trying to entice brand new customers. 

Get Creative 

Really bring out the Christmas colour pallet with your visual content. This basically means propagating tons of green, red and white, which are shades hugely synonymous with this season. Even just adding Santa’s hat to the upper part of your company logo shows you’re in the festive spirit and ready to utilise this time of year to spread some cheer. Christmas is all about opulence, so make this the centre-piece to your content. It should be great fun putting together Christmas campaigns, and it’s this feeling that needs to come across with wording, videos and key brand messages. 

Think About Your Key Objectives 

There needs to be a point to everything, otherwise you’ll keep hitting blanks with any of your marketing efforts. It could be that you now have a vegan Christmas option and want to market these new services to the right people. In this case, you should craft appropriate taglines, offers and content that communicates precisely why your product is the best. Conducting research before things get underway can also help you make more informed decisions, and for anyone who did similar campaigns in 2020, take a look at what worked and didn’t. 

Launch Your Christmas Campaign With Big Reach  

We love Christmas and we love helping businesses use digital marketing to help boost their online credentials during such a crucial time of year. You can learn more about the range of services we have on offer if you contact our team directly today.

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