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In the present day, copywriting still forms an integral part behind SEO, giving you ample opportunities to keep your site fresh and make sure those all-important keywords have been added. The role of the copywriter has certainly evolved throughout the continued rise of digital marketing in 2021, since this profession is now about impressing the consumer and also the Google algorithm. If you have set up a brand new site and want to learn how to write compelling copy for blog posts, we have compiled some vital pointers to help get you started. 

Thorough Research 

Never write anything for the sake of it! Every single day, blogs are being published left, right and centre, some of which will be covering very similar topics. You need to add value to Google, and that’s only possible when writing blogs which come across both authoritative and well researched. Even when covering a subject you’re reasonably competent with already, you’re still better off diving deep into the archives to try and find facts and figures which can help your piece stand out from the crowd. The more complex your research, the more likely this will impress Google, and that means both greater exposure for your site and more chance of social sharing. 

Know Your Audience 

Writing for a fashion brand is likely to require very different writing styles compared to something like road surfacing. These target audiences will respond to a very particular range of vocabulary and tone of voice, so always make sure content is well aligned with the sport of profile you’re writing for. Put yourself in their shoes and think about how they would respond to what you’ve written, and if you feel anything feels off, remedy the words used or reorganise the general flow to keep things better suited to your main customer base. 

Think About SEO 

It’s not just about connecting with your customers! You also need to incorporate SEO to ensure blogs have the capacity to help increase your rankings. Make sure you have written everything naturally, and not used this simply to ram keywords into your site! Google is clever these days, and only the most original, well crafted content which has included search terms organically have any sort of prospects for moving upwards within the much coveted online listings. Something else to consider would be internal linking between relevant blog posts, another simple step you can take to improve user experience and add even more authority to certain pages. 

Include Visuals 

The world is becoming ever more visual, so much so that written words don’t have any impact with certain people whatsoever. You need copywriting for SEO, but to reach certain demographics, it may be prudent adding videos or motion graphics to help create a more visually appealing piece of content. If your blog post looks dazzling, people are more likely to stick around, which again affects SEO, since poor bounce rates aren’t looked on too fondly by Google. Keep the layout of the blog consistent and add visual aids where necessary. This could be motion graphics which break down key pointers, giving  people the information they desire without the need to read large chunks of text. 


We all make mistakes! Even the best of us! When writing a blog post with 1,000 words or more, it’s pretty inevitable that the odd typo may have come about. It’s also common for copywriters to finish the entire piece in one stint, and in this case, your concentration will have likely waned on more than one occasion. For SEO agencies which have the luxury of in-house proof-readers, they will of course brush over the errors themselves, but when you don’t have this luxury, maybe put it to one side and read over the content again the next day with a fresh pair of eyes. 

Here at Big Reach, we offer regular blog writing services. To learn more, simply contact our team today. 

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