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How to Write Social Media Captions

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Social media forms an integral aspect behind digital marketing, providing you with the means to increase engagement with your brand and promote key selling points to the right people. When creating brand new social campaigns, many of us take immense joy putting together images and graphics, but it’s often the written captions that take some time to craft. It’s vital you do write these captions correctly, as they are the driving force behind your online efforts. Below are just some things to consider when putting together written content for social media. 

Add Personality 

The last thing people want is social captions which appear both boring and likely to be written by a machine. Really bring out your personality, and if you can, sprinkle in some humour to help drive engagement. Most people turn to social media for entertainment, so it’s this ethos that should be placed at the heart of everything you do. When you’ve established a persona for social media, you’ll have a more encompassing brand which appears far more approachable from the outset. 

Provide Value 

You’re not the only brand using social media! Lots of consumers follow lots of accounts, so only the finest content is going to have any sort of impact. Posting for the sake of it never works! Instead, you should take time to create compelling content which actually provides significant value to the reader. These could be quotes or facts exclusive to you, both of which add more weight to your caption, and both set you apart from more generic efforts. 

Get the Conversation Started 

To get people talking about your brand, you firstly need to encourage conversation with your social captions. Maybe consider writing about recent news and give your take. This way, you can help promote your core values, but also ignite some kind of debate across your feed. It’s important to keep on top of your posts, especially if people have indeed responded to your content. With regular social engagement comes the prime opportunity to remain at the forefront of people’s minds, something which can do wonders to your brand. 

Include a Call to Action (If Necessary) 

Don’t always include a call to action, but if the post suits this, definitely think about adding something towards the end. If you’re speaking about a certain product, then a simple link to its dedicated landing page could be useful, and of course, any captions which promote blog posts should explain where people can read this. 

Use Emojis 

Even if you don’t subscribe to the culture surrounding emojis, many of your followers could well love them. They appeal to a very specific target audience, and when used correctly, they do have the capacity to instil a little more character into your caption. In such a visual world, and since platforms such as Instagram are built around images, being able to liven up the wording can only be a good thing. 

We can write social captions for you! Our in-house copywriter and social media specialists work alongside each other, where they can craft the perfect social campaign for your brand. Get in contact with our team today for further information. 

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