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The importance of copywriting has never been more prevalent

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You may have heard the phrase ‘content is King’, and for very good reason! This is one of the key indicators used by the Google algorithm when deciding who should be on page one of their listings. The importance of copywriting has never been more prevalent, as this has now become much more than just promoting products and getting across key selling points! You’ll often find many SEO agency Hertfordshire teams are using this as a simple way to incorporate more keywords and develop the levels of authority needed to dominate search listings. To ensure you’re on the right track, our very own team member offering copywriter Hertfordshire services has put together some of the key aspects behind effective copy, pointing out the sort of things which need to be considered for the most effective results.

Know Your Audience People

respond very differently to certain terminology and the general manner in which sentences are structured. Where business minded websites may need a black and white approach with web copy, you may find a more casual tone is better for companies selling clothes. That’s why you really need to begin the process by thinking about the sort of individuals that would be reading your content and make sure anything produced has been tailored towards this specific target audience. Many copywriters have their own distinct writing style, but exercising some versatility is the cornerstone behind a successful career within the profession.

Research Keywords

Writing web copy is your chance to associate keywords with your website. Make sure to use appropriate tools such as Google keyword planner to discover the most highly searched terms in relation to the industry you’re writing for, and then think of creative ways these can be included. Never place keywords into content unnaturally, as Google will know precisely what you’re up to! What you should do instead is flesh out carefully crafted pros and pop them in whenever it seems organic to do so. If you’re writing for a website which provides motorbike training, then producing a blog post which is titled ‘How to Maintain your Bike’, offers you the opportunity to write relevant copy that enhances website authority and ensures keywords are strategically linked to pages you want to be ranking.

Write With Purpose

The Google algorithm is very clever! Very clever in fact that copy which has been written for the sake of it will be unlikely to offer much benefit to your site. In the modern age of SEO, you need to ensure every single piece of copy has been written to the very highest standards possible, and if you can, include things like video content and interactive features to bolster the levels of engagement people have with the piece. It’s little wonder many SEO companies in Hertfordshire require their copywriters to have studied a English related qualification, and that’s simply because only the most well written content will suffice in the on-going battle for Google supremacy.

Structure Things Carefully

We live in an age where people don’t really have much time to dedicate to reading! The only problem is that you need to ensure the copy is long enough to have SEO merit, so how do you satisfy both things at the same time? Well, you could be clever with the structure of the content and formulate this according to the site you’re publishing onto. What we’re basically saying is why not break up those lengthy 1,000 word pieces into much smaller chunks, leaving the most important information at the top and the more wishy washy stuff towards the bottom. In many cases, people don’t actually read what’s on the page. Sorry fellow copywriters! But when they do, it’s probably either a quick skim read or a prompt glance over the first few sentences.

Make Customers Do Something

Although you could argue that content is mainly for the benefit of SEO and to ensure you’re aligned with the most recent marketing trends, this should also still be used as a way to help sell goods and services. Make sure copy is sales orientated and written to convince people they need to make an enquiry, or even better, some kind of purchase. Something that needs to be added into almost all copy would be a meaningful call to action, as there’s no point explaining how great something is without telling your audience how they can proceed to the next stage of the sales process. It doesn’t even have to be too elaborate, just a simple ‘get in touch with us today’ or ‘contact our team for further details’ are all that’s needed to gee the masses on further.

Write for Humans

To broaden a previous point made a little further, one thing you should never do is directly write for search engines alone. A better approach would be writing a piece of content which can be read by humans and let the SEO aspects blend themselves into what you’ve written naturally. If people read content that appears to be made by robots, they may feel uneasy about your brand. Try using humour where necessary and speak with an active tone of voice. The art of copywriting is connecting human beings with products and services, and if what you’ve done also impresses Google, then this can be considered a marvellous bonus.

Need a ‘Copywriter Near Me?’

Do you want to freshen the copy you have across your website? Then here at Big Reach Marketing, we offer website copywriting to ensure you’re communicating with your target audience and stealing a crucial march on Google. We have written for a variety of industries, ranging from Insolvency companies all the way through to retail businesses. No project is ever too much to handle for our digital copywriter! Big Reach can also provide social media management and PPC campaigns, offering both small and large-scale businesses tailored services that fit with your budget and ultimate goals. If you would like to see how our expert team of digital marketing professionals can help, simply contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you boost both your online presence and brand reputation across the internet sphere!

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