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Using Social Media in 2021

With the amount of Social Media channels available today, which solution is best?

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With all the bad press social media has received over recent years, you would be forgiven for thinking that this particular marketing channel has finally had its day. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong, and in fact, this attitude towards social media marketing could see you losing out on lots of customers on a frequent basis. The key is using platforms in the correct way to obtain consistent exposure, but also being realistic about the results you are looking for! In 2021, we are likely to see familiar names continue their dominance, but don’t rule out emerging platforms that are now offering brand new ways for businesses to connect with customers. Below, we have looked at some of the most popular social media sites and what they can bring to the table.


The beating heart of social media is still probably Facebook, as the platform really helped to pioneer this phenomenon when it launched all the way back in 2004. Just about everything walking the planet has an account, but be careful about the fact many people have turned away due to privacy concerns. That’s not to say you shouldn’t still be using Facebook, and the fact you can create your very own business page still makes this a great way to begin marketing proceedings. Their advertising channel is also very effective, with granular targeting allowing for ads to reach the right people that suit your specific target audience. This is especially important as the relevance of organic Facebook growth is now being questioned by many companies offering SEO Hertfordshire related services.


For many years, Twitter was seen as second in command, but is the platform still relevant today? It certainly can be, and if you use data correctly, you could easily gain more internet traffic and subsequently rise Google rankings. Twitter is almost like texting yourself and hoping other people will listen, however building a suitable following will mean content produced is likely to hit the mark when read and make an impact with the right sort of people. The main draw to using Twitter is the hashtag system where you can link onto current trends that already have a large volume of people interested. This can be hugely beneficial when certain events come around that match with your type of operation, such as ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’, giving people who offer relevant services the opportunity to create marketing materials with increased interest already established.


Sometimes people just want to see images, and can you blame them? A picture can say a thousand words, handing Instagram more and more impetuous as this marketing trend continues to surge. An Instagram page dedicated to your business is a great way to add more character to any branding, and offers the prime opportunity to not only showcase your products, but also you! Their stories feature also demonstrates you are proactive with your marketing, helping you establish a more casual form of communication compared to the static posts usually seen across someone’s feed. A broader story can also be told with this function as multiple images can be added in a sequence. After a major project you’re working on has come to an end, this could be showcased at the various stages in order to provide customers with a linear perspective of how you get things done.


A more formal approach may be necessary if you want to delve into networking opportunities. So up steps LinkedIn, where you will find tons of accounts related to your line of business. One of the best strategies used on LinkedIn would be influencer marketing as this can significantly improve your reputation and authority within a particular subject. Voicing your opinion over recent events and suggesting how you can help may improve your chances of getting brand new clients. Just make sure posts are relevant, on point and actually add value. Certain companies don’t have a target audience that would bother with things like Twitter or Facebook, so if you want to connect with people who are more business focused, this is definitely your best bet. 


Can you really afford not to be utilising what is the second most used search engine? Probably not! The only problem is the time and resources needed to create video content. Should you opt for this approach, you could be on to something incredibly effective, as watching videos is considered a far easier activity than reading! And in a world where we like things instant, this form of content is something that may have more impact when trying to relay key selling points to the masses. Using YouTube also carries a lot of SEO merit, since keywords added to the video description or the main title means your content may answer certain search queries. Anything created for this platform can also give you greater impetus on other social channels as content can be shared across places like Facebook and Twitter for even greater levels of exposure.


You might question why certain social channels have managed to gain so much popularity as they might not be something you’re typically interested in, but your target audience could well be! TikTok offers you another opportunity to create video content, and not using this can often be seen as one of the most common mistakes made when using social media. The platform is simple, quick and easy, offering everything you could possibly need to engage with people. It’s also hugely important to use what’s considered contemporary, because hey, I’m sure your Myspace page made in 2005 is doing just fine! Do you have a young audience base? Then get down with the kids and utilise one of the biggest names to enter the social sphere in recent times.

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Honestly, we are! Since we first operated, the Big Reach team have managed to create effective social campaigns that have significantly improved the manner in which businesses come across online and even won a few awards along the way. Sound good? Then why not contact us today and let’s promote your business across social media the right way!

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