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What Are Performance Max Campaigns?

Advertising to the (P) Max!

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Changes are so frequent in the world of digital marketing, it soon becomes very easy to fall behind. However, one of the biggest shifts in recent times which shouldn’t be overlooked would be Performance Max Campaigns

These are relatively new goal-based campaigns, which encourages people to increase conversions across a wide range of channels found within Google. To help you get to grips with the concept, we have answered some of the most important questions for you below. 

Are Performance Max Campaigns Good?

Yes, they certainly can be, especially given how paid advertising wont be limited to just one channel. You can in fact leverage your efforts across a number of platforms, which can be great for campaigns with very specific advertising and conversion goals, such as lead generation. 

How Do You Run Performance Max Campaigns? 

Setting up a brand new Performance Max Campaign will be pretty straightforward for anyone who currently works in digital marketing. 

To get started, sign into your Google Ads account, and select a new campaign. Then, select the option for creating a campaign without a goal’s guidance. 

Once you’ve gotten this far, you’ll notice how conversion goals will have been pre populated, but these can be changed or removed completely. Finally, select Performance Max as your preferred campaign type and give this a name. 

When it comes to setting budgets, it’s been recommended you set daily allowances at least three times your CPA. During days in which traffic reaches higher levels, you could spend upwards to twice your average daily budget, however this will be counterbalanced by the days in which you spend below. 

There’s also a number of asset guidelines you should be following to get the most from your campaign. This includes using no more than 15 images, five logos and five videos. In terms of copy, make sure five long headlines are used, each no longer than 90 characters. You can finally choose from a number of layout options to get a call to action included. 

What Are Audience Signals? 

Use this to get automated assistance from Google. It’s only an optional feature, but well worth thinking about, and that’s because its implementation will boost machine learning to discover the best ways to optimise your campaign. 

What is Ad Strength? 

This helps you discover the general relevance of your adverts and their range. Think about creating truly unique content to stand out from the crowd and gain more strength compared to your rivals. 

When Did Google Launch Performance Max Campaigns?

Do you work in marketing and only just hard about Performance Max Campaigns? Now’s the time to start panicking. It’s actually been with us since May 2021, so you can imagine how advanced certain marketeers' knowledge will now be in terms of getting the most from this campaign type. 

What Does Performance Max Replace?

Forget about Smart Shopping, because that’s what Performance Max Campaigns aim to replace by the end of the third quarter 2022. If you don’t make the switch by then, your Smart Shopping campaigns will be automatically converted. 

Let Us Handle Performance Max Campaigns 

Why waste time getting your head into a brand new marketing concept? Our team can do this for you! Learn more about the paid advertising we offer today. Contact us directly to learn more.  

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