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Social media is still a major factor behind marketing, often seen as the key ingredient to greater brand awareness and more sales. If you’re thinking about launching a brand new business and feel social media could be beneficial for both the short and long-term, we have pointed out some of the amazing advantages you can expect from using some or even lots of platforms.  


What Are 5 Positives of Social Media?

Many benefits for using social media are obvious, but still worth reiterating. Below are just some of the reasons to jump aboard the social train today. 


Engaging With Customers 

Marketing is all about grabbing people’s attention, something which can be done to great effect when using social media with precision. When distributing content, think about how you can encourage people to engage with your brand, since this helps you  build a strong rapport with people who could become long-term paying customers. Also think about adding some personality to each post to ensure you capture the entertainment that people expect. 


Drive Traffic To Your Website 

Social media can also be a great way to boost your SEO credentials with links to blog posts or landing pages. A social post could be used to form a short and concise advert which aims to drive more traffic, and then it’s over to your web design to convert these people into a credible lead. 


If you’re really clever, you’ll be able to craft social posts which are shared thousands of times, in which case ample exposure to lots of people, so far more likely that visitor levels will rise quite considerably. 


Reaching Large Audiences 

When using the most popular social media platforms, you’ll be part of something huge. For example, Twitter has around 206 million users each month, and Facebook remarkably boasts just shy of 3 billion. That's a lot of people, and you can be certain a rather sizable portion could well be interested in the goods and services you have on offer. 


Just bear in mind how social media is a mind field with over 4 billion pieces of content either being shared or published on Facebook each day. You therefore need specialist social media strategies which can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Brand Awareness

Consistency is key with social media, and if you’re able to distribute good quality content on a regular basis, you’re sure to be front of mind for many people. The aim with marketing is to imprint your company's branding into relevant individuals. When done effectively, you can do this in such a way that you become their instant thought for certain subjects. 


Granular Marketing

One of the great features around social media is how it's free to set-up and use. However! Did you know that there’s tons of great paid options, most notably found on Facebook. This platform enables you to be really specific about the sort of people you want to target, allowing you to place adverts in certain locations and in front of very specific profile types to maximize click through rate. 


Common Questions About Social Media 

It’s hard to remember life before social media, but there’s still lots of burning questions which often arise. Here are some of the most topical social media queries. 


Why is Facebook Changing its Name?

You may have recently heard that Facebook is changing its name to Meta. Why? It’s basically because the catalogue under Mark Zuckerberg’s stewardship stretches much further, and this rebranding is simply to keep all their apps and technologies under the same name. 


What is TikTok Really Used For?

The new kid on the block is TikTok, and what an impact it's made already! It’s estimated that around 1 billion people now use the platform. An indication for its success would be how Manchester United saw their account build from nothing into 10 million followers within just one year! So, what is it? TiKTok is a video sharing platform where people either act like imbeciles or use it to build more brand awareness online. The latter is of course more suited to businesses! 


Is Social Media Marketing Dying?

No it’s not! So much so, we've decided to launch a brand new social media package ready to help people boost their presence over 2022! We can now take full control of your account, offering proactive management which can take your social profiles to the next level. If you’re interested in what Big Reach offers for social media marketing, get in contact with our team today. 

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