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What is a Google Featured Snippet?

Ok Google, How Do I Get A Snippet?

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Google is often used to discover the answers to key questions. But! Did you know that crafting your content in such a way can in fact help answer these questions, handing you what is known as a snippet! Gain one of these bad boys and you're above everything else on Google! They're hard to obtain, but with the right copywriting prowess, you can give your brand immense levels of authority over your main competition.

How Do I Get Google Snippet?

If your copy is strong, you’ll get snippets naturally without realising. However, following some really small steps can always help you increase the chances for obtaining this lucrative spot on Google listings. Below are some of the most important aspects on your journey towards a snippet.

Discover Common Questions

First things first, find out what people are actually asking on Google. This is a really straightforward process where entering some keywords into the search engine will instantly bring up related queries. You’ll also be able to see who currently holds the snippet for this question, and from there you can work on crafting something which aims to knock them off their perch. Brutal! But this is the world of marketing.

Provide Detailed Copy

Really get to know the question and think about the answer people want to see pop up. Thorough research & care needs to be placed at the heart of your content, otherwise Google will likely turn a blind eye. It’s a competitive world out there with SEO, and only the most detailed answers have any chance of gaining the snippet. Something to bear in mind would be finding information not currently available on Google and use this to fill in the gaps, rather than simply building upon research which has already been done.

Write With Exceptional Quality

Google is notoriously selective about who gets to appear first on their listings, so you can only imagine the importance of quality content when it comes to getting something placed at the very top. The reason people choose Google is because they know the best websites will be accessible right away, and that certainly applies to anyone seeking out important answers. Write with clarity, precision and always with the reader in mind, not the algorithm. Place more focus on the latter and you’re likely to start writing without consistent pros.

Why Are Snippets Featured?

People want information fast and easy. That’s basically why Google takes the most important content and puts this right at the top. Instead of browsing through lots of websites to find the answer you need, Google wants to do the hard work for you, and the fact the search engine giant has deemed this content to be the best, you can be pretty sure this will answer your query perfectly.

Do You Want a Google Snippet For Your Business?

Take advantage of our copywriting services in Hertfordshire and work towards gaining a brand new Google snippet for your business. We’ve done this before! Take a look at the snippet we achieved for XPERT Pole Fitness, where our blog post answered a common question the best. Get in touch with us today for further information about copywriting or any other marketing services we currently offer.

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