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What is Audio Marketing?

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Written copy can only go so far. For a certain demographic, time is of the essence, and that means only simple content which gets across key messages right away will do. It’s a trend perfectly encapsulated through the rise of TikTok, in which the platform has successfully harnessed the immediacy associated with today’s content consumption to great effect. 

Creating professional video content can be tricky and often rather expensive, especially for small businesses. But! If you simply focused on the audio, you'd be surprised what can be done, and how this can really boost your marketing efforts. So below, we have looked into audio marketing and its many benefits. 

What is an Audio Strategy?

Have a look at new or existing campaigns and decide whether certain channels could benefit from audio. This could be something to compliment a landing page, or a short piece of narration which accompanies a social post. Either way, you'll find audio is likely to really make an impact, simply because of how easy this form of content is to consume.

How Do I Create an Audio Ad?

Know Your Audience

Like any form of marketing, the more you understand your core target audience, the more likely strategies are going to land. Firstly, only consider audio marketing if your typical customers would respond to this, and if they do, it’s simply a case of finding the right language, tempo and vibe which resonates best. 

Write a Meaningful Script 

Laying the groundwork for any form of video content is done through the script, as this piece of content is the driving force behind the key narrative. Some really important things to remember would be how written content is often more elaborate compared to the way people typically speak out loud, so always write with reduced syllables, and only include florid terminology if it’s really necessary. 

Deliver Compelling Narration 

Now it’s time to bring your script to life, and that means finding the right voice over artist. Just like written copy, there’s a variety of tones to consider, that being straight talking, loose or even comedic styles. Think about your audience and the sort of mood they’d respond to best. 

Types of Audio Marketing 

Below, we have taken a closer look at just two of the many forms of audio marketing to consider for your next campaigns. 


The most popular form for audio marketing is likely podcasts. These are created with the intention of developing a large following, who specifically tune into episodes through an invested passion for the topics you cover. These can be consumed at home, during lunch breaks or even whilst driving to work. 

Blog Narration 

Do you have a company blog? And, are you aware that some people may struggle to find time to read this? Maybe consider a narration to accompany written text, whether that be the full blog post, or short bursts of information that summarises the key points. 

We Deliver Tailored Audio Marketing For Every Brand 

Fancy diving into the world of audio marketing? Let us help you! Get in touch to learn more about our script writing and voice over services in Hertfordshire

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