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What Is Domain Authority?


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SEO is one giant competition. You win by getting better domain authority compared to key competitors. You get there with well-crafted copywriting, strong backlinks, efficient site speeds and many more factors. This score indicates how reliable websites have become, offering greater assurance to visitors that they do in fact add value.

What Does Domain Authority Tell You?

Please note how domain authority isn’t a direct ranking factor for Google, but rather a metric which indicates how likely websites are to rank on Google. Picking out websites with high domain authority could be hugely beneficial for your own site, given how just one guest blog post being placed on something far more established could create a surge of powerful backlinks.

Why is Domain Authority Important?

It’s important for SEO professionals, given how this represents whether their efforts are having a positive impact. Having aspirations for higher domain authority also gives people clear goals to work with. This also provides a stronger impression of the landscape in general, showing you which websites have set the benchmark and what’s required to reach the same level.

How Do I Find My Domain Authority?

Head over to places like SEMrush or Moz, where they have features allowing you to see what your current domain authority looks like. A more granular breakdown is also available, which is great when analysing competitor sites, where you’ll be able to see the volume of backlinks they have obtained to get their score so high.

What is The Fastest Way to Increase Domain Authority?

Everything counts, so be sure to keep close tabs on both on-page and off-page SEO. Check internal links work, keep writing fresh content and look for organic ways to gain lucrative backlinks. Most tasks are simple, but given the saturated nature of digital marketing, your biggest concern is just doing everything that much better compared to everyone else. Something else to consider would be user experience, with more focus now being given to streamlined landing pages.

What is a Good DA Score?

Domain authority is measured on a scale of 1-100 with 100 being the best score. Generally, scores which range below 40 are poor, anything between 40-60 is either average or good, and finally over 60 is considered excellent. Sometimes websites get strong domain authority even when SEO input appears to be sparse, and if that’s the case, often the age of the site has garnered such a high score.

Boost Your Domain Authority With Big Reach

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