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Why You Should Consider Guest Blogging

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Have you written countless blogs for your own site but not really seen much SEO movement? Then stop what you’re doing and think about doing something similar, however get your work published onto other sites instead. You do this, and you get backlinks, which happens to be a huge ranking factor and will be for many years to come. It’s not easy! Firstly, finding sites willing to entertain this, and putting the content together isn’t a walk in the park either. But persist and page one may come round much sooner.

How Does a Guest Blog Work?

Guest blogging means you’re producing work for others. Simply pick out websites which are relevant with decent domain authority, and from there, think about how you can craft fresh new content which adds both value to your own brand and theirs. For example, you might work for a travel agent. If that’s the case, you can do little wrong than writing ‘top 10 tips to save on travel insurance’, and getting this published onto a site which specialises in exactly that.

The key is finding natural ways to include relevant keywords which can link back to your own site. Make sure this has been done organically, never compromising the flow of your work, especially when it comes to tone of voice, which may need to be altered considerably to fit with this site’s particular target audience. If it’s a well-received piece, not only will you get backlinks, but social shares may also be on the cards.

Is Guest Blogging Good?

Guest blogging is really good. The time it takes can be lengthy compared to writing stuff for yourself, however stick with it. You have the prime opportunity to take advantage of more established sites, brushing over lots of authority onto your own. Should you get placed onto major sites with huge traffic, your brand recognition will also be amplified. The final results can be great, the issue is often being accepted, so just make sure you have done everything to write blog posts of the highest quality possible.

How Do I Approach a Guest Blog?

Think about relevant industries to your own, then look for websites which have a strong domain authority. A good place to start would be Feedspot, where each industry has a list of the best related blogs. Look for the most suitable and then think about how to write content for these sites and how to approach them for publication.

Let Big Reach Handle Your Guest Blogging

Do you have a list of partners who would be more than happy to accommodate guest blogs? If so, we can provide copywriting services which get these written swiftly. As with all our packages, you can pause, increase or decrease anytime, giving you more control. We also provide jargon-free communication, breaking down the most important data concisely. To learn more about this service or anything we provide here at Big Reach, please do not hesitate to contact our team today.

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